Discover what is hidden under the ocean floor

With unique, non-invasive technology for ultrasonic sub-seabed scanning


Unique seabed imaging

Robert Wilson Marine Technologies (RWMT) is a Swedish company that has developed a unique technology for seabed mapping.

The technology is based on ultrasound that generates high-resolution images through vertical echoes. This technology has been validated through international salvaging operations as well as in the high-profile survey of the Vasa warship wreck site.

Validation Cases

Examples of business areas

Robert Wilson Marine Technologies divides its customer base into four different business areas, all with different structure and demands.

defense & security
There is still a huge number of mines and ammunition waste left in the sea around the world following wars and conflicts. This impose a great risk to civilian underwater activities. RWMT can also scan and verify  weapons and surveillance technology hidden in the seabead.
Localize the many kilometers of old and in-use underwater cable systems and pipelines. In many places around the world the sea, lakes and rivers have been used as dumping leaving hazardous waste hidden in the seabed
Underwater pre-construction
Scan and analyze the conditions in the seabed during the pre-planning phase of infrastructure projects like ports or bridges. The scanning method used is environmentally friendly and non-invasive.
Giving support to localize, verify and in some cases identify wrecked ships and other cultural artefacts. The surveys are carried out in cooperation with government organisations and museums.

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